About #KindLee

We could not tell you about us without telling you about Trevor William Bartley. He was born on December 7, 2014. His parents, Amanda and Brian Bartley, and his sister, Ava, were devastated when they lost him on the same day.

To help them heal, they asked their family and friends to perform random acts of kindness in Trevor’s name. Hundreds of acts of kindness were performed just for Trevor.

#KindLee is inspired by Trevor and the entire Bartley family, which now includes Connor and Nico. Since our inception, we helped raise funds for pediatric mental health, children’s grief support and substance abuse treatment. We have conducted food drives and Thanksgiving turkey drives, and collected shoes and toiletries for those in need. Most recently, Amanda Bartley sewed hundreds of masks for those who were most at risk for COVID-19.

Shining a light on random acts of kindness performed by Trevor‘s family and by members of our Lee County community has been rewarding. With a generous community like Lee County, kindness is anything but random. #KindLee