#KindLee – Share your acts of kindness

#KindLee Highlights

Here are just some of the #KindLee acts that were highlighted in this month’s Res Gestae magazine! Thank you to the Lee County Sherriff’s Office, Valerie’s House, Rotary Club or Fort Myers, and the Lee County Bar Association for reporting acts of kindness.

Soul4Souls Campaign

Cameo of Lee County Cares! Thank you Amanda Barton and Dee Merritt for #KindLee contributions to the Soles4Souls campaign! I think we have collected over 300 pairs of shoes!

#KindLee + Valerie’s House

Valerie’s House is an organization that helps children heal from losing a parent or other loved one. #KindLee was proud to donate t-shirts so this organization could raise funds for their worthy cause.

#KindLee recognized in Lee County Bar’s Res Gestae

The Res Gestae is a monthly magazine published by the Lee County Bar Association. #KindLee was recognized in the February 2017 issue, and many people learned about our inspiration, Trevor William Bartley.

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